Bitcoin Casinos – the ultimate Aussie Cryptocurrency punting guide

Bitcoin Casinos are the ideal choice for Aussies looking to have a crack at casino games in a fresh and unique manner. These venues provide punters the chance to chuck in, pull out a wad, and have a punt without the sticky beak of work or the government having a say in where they do it.

However, Bitcoin casinos also have their drawbacks that might have some Aussies thinking twice about giving them a go. This Bitcoin Casino guide will take you through how these cryptocurrency casinos work down under, chat about their pros and cons, the different coins in play and a whole lot more. Keep reading to dive into the exciting world of Crypto casinos, Aussie style.

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All Bitcoin Casinos have been assessed based on the following standards mate:

  • Gambling licenses
  • Speed of money withdrawal
  • Customer service & reliability
  • RTP percentage

Online Bitcoin Casinos | August 2023

Online Casino Games

1. Emu

$300 bonus + 100 free spins, mate.

  • Rated 4.9 / 5
  • Quick registration
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • MGA gambling license
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Bitcoin Casino review

2. Games

15% cashback + 0 free cracks at it.

  • Rated 4.8 / 5
  • MGA gambling license
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live casino games
  • Bitcoin slots
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Euslot ideal casino mockup

3. EUslot

$300 bonus + 100 free spins, mate.

  • Rated 4.7 / 5
  • Free spins
  • Online casino
  • MGA gambling license
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Bitstarz mockup

4. Bitstarz

Up to 4 BTC Bonus + 180 free snags

  • Rated 4.5 / 5
  • Online casino
  • Easy registration
  • Wide range of games
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golden Tiger casino

5. Golden Tiger

20% cashback + 100 free goes, mate.

  • Rated 4.4 / 5
  • MGA gambling license
  • Fast Payouts
  • Games
  • Payin' with iDeal, mate.
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Bitcasino online casino review


$2500 bonus + 35% cashback, mate!

  • Rated 4.4 / 5
  • Online casino
  • Huge range of online pokies
  • Fast Payouts
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Ideal casino

7. Casinopurple

$2500 bonus + 35% cashback, mate!

  • Rated 4.3 / 5
  • Online casino
  • Huge range of online pokies
  • Fast Payouts
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Cryptocurrency casinos for Beginners

If you're a total newbie when it comes to the world of online pokies, Bitcoin wagering platforms, and sports punting down under, this yarn's gonna sort you out with a solid intro to both.

What are online casinos?

Online casinos give punters a digital space where they can have a crack at games of chance from pretty much anywhere, as long as there's a decent internet connection, mate. Plenty of these online betting sites have been on the scene for over two decades and serve up a fair dinkum experience with a wide selection of different casino games, including Bitcoin slots, blackjack , online roulette , poker games, bingo and much more.

Besides online casinos being fair dinkum more convenient than the old brick and mortar ones, they also chuck in a few extra perks for punters, like better payouts and odds that'll give you more bang for your buck. Top-notch online betting spots offer punters a wide array of games from ace providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. These legends supply the casinos with games packed with snazzy features, like 3D graphics and live dealer casinos that'll get your heart racing. Online gambling This is why it's been a massive hit since the first online casinos came around in the mid-90s, fair dinkum.

Online pokies also chuck in a few extra goodies, like a live chat yarn if you're in a pickle or got any queries and whatnot. Plus, there's often a fair dinkum welcome package, with new punters scoring some extra dosh to bump up their bankroll or snag some deposit bonuses.

What Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Mate?

A cryptocurrency is a digital dosh without a tangible form, mate, but can be tucked away in an electronic wallet and traded for goods or services down under. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to keep transactions safe and sound so they can't be faked, you know?

Additionally, cryptocurrencies are fair dinkum in that they allow folks to make transactions without the need to deal with a bank or any other establishment. Mates can keep their identity under wraps a bit easier since it's a tad difficult to trace with the technology. Naturally, this is true for other payment options as well.

Bitcoin was the first digital coin to hit the scene and remains the top dog in the virtual currency sphere down under. When the average Aussie thinks of cryptocurrency, their mind jumps straight to Bitcoin. This digital currency comes into existence through a process known as 'mining', where miners tackle complex maths problems, confirm transactions, and are rewarded with Bitcoins for their efforts. This mechanism not only introduces new coins to the mix but also keeps the dodgy ones out by double-checking each transaction with sophisticated cryptography before it's tacked onto a blockchain. A blockchain, in essence, is a communal record-keeping system. It's packed with blocks that catalog all past transactions and hold details on the coin's origins and journey.

Bitcoin enables financial transactions with minimal commission fees and is accessible to anyone, seeing as anyone can get their hands on the original code and kick off a script for mining (or generating) the Bitcoin.

Across the globe, there’s just 21 million Bitcoins up for grabs, so the worth of each Bitcoin goes up over time because they’re as scarce as hen's teeth.

Since Bitcoin rocked up as the first-ever dinky-di decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009, heaps more cryptocurrencies have popped up. These digital bucks are often yarned about as altcoins 'cause they're giving punters another option to Bitcoin's blockchain fair dinkum. A few of the well-known cryptocurrencies down under include, for instance, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, and Ripple. These digital coins are all about doing the same thing, but they're here for different reasons and gigs. Like, some of them are all about quicker transaction times, ya know?

Bitcoin is currently copping a fair go from consumers and is being accepted by big companies all over the globe, including right here in Australia. As a result, it's as good as using Aussie dollars for buying and selling goods, services, and raw materials. You can have a crack at trading Bitcoin on local platforms and can freely swap it for other currencies, no worries.

What's a Crypto Casino, Mate?

Now that we've sussed out what an online pokie joint is and got our heads around what cryptocurrency's all about, we're gonna yarn about Crypto casinos, alright?

Traditional online casinos down under stick to using fiat currency for transactions. So, what's fiat currency all about? Every country's got its version. It's cash that the government gives the thumbs up to be legit for any kind of deal. Unlike the old-school stuff like gold or silver, fiat money gets its worth because the government says so, based on what it's worth compared to other countries' cash. Whether you're chucking in Aussie dollars to top up your online casino account, doing it through PayPal, or using your debit card, you're dealing with fiat currency at the end of the day.

Crypto casino setups operate by utilising cryptocurrencies as their in-game dosh, meaning they can dodge the stress about third parties potentially wanting to snoop for sensitive info, like your credit card digits or bank account details.

This has led to Crypto Casino sites becoming hugely popular among folks living under the thumb of tough government rules on gambling down under. With gambling via cryptocurrency, there's none a chance for the government officials to have a squiz at what they're betting on because it's all done through smart contracts and blockchain tech, mate.

All this makes Crypto casinos one of the safest ways to have a punt online and has the upper hand over traditional fiat casinos, seeing as they're not forced to dob in the personal info of their users.

On the flip side, there’s a few downsides to these crypto betting sites too, like not being able to chuck in cash with regular Aussie dollars, and the risk you're taking on with these digital currencies, ay.

What are hybrid Bitcoin Casinos, mate?

Odds are if you've ever found yourself in an Aussie backyard BBQ, you've spun a yarn or two about the footy with mates, chucked a snag on the barbie, and knocked back a couple of cold ones under the scorching Aussie sun. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the laid-back vibes of Byron Bay, there's always a bit of adventure and a fair dinkum good time waiting around every corner down under. online casino games Mate, it's been a fair dinkum Bitcoin Casino through and through. Chuck it into the hybrid casino basket 'cause that's what it is. Down Under, a hybrid casino's your go-to online casino, but with a ripper twist – they let you chuck in your Bitcoin or other cryptos along with the usual dosh options. These beauts will have all the standard ways to splash your cash like credit card, debit card, prepaid cards, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, you name it, plus Bitcoin.

Benefits of Mixed Bitcoin Casinos in Aussie Style

The perks of hybrid crypto casinos are that you get to pick from a fair dinkum extensive selection of payment methods, and the online casinos are probably top-notch platforms licensed by a credible and legit licensing authority down under.

Downsides of Mixed Bitcoin Pokie Parlours

Hybrid crypto casinos might not offer the same secrecy you'd get with a crypto or Bitcoin casino. You'll have to chuck in your personal details and stick to the well-known KYC check-ups. KYC, just so you know, stands for Know Your Customer, and it's all about companies making sure they know who they're dealing with.

KYC is now a common practice among all kinds of Aussie businesses, not excluding online casinos due to various mandatory compliance requirements. Online casino platforms will prompt prospective punters to verify their identities by, say, reviewing copies of passports or driver’s licenses, as well as proof of address, bills, and utilities.

Which option you go for, hybrid or Bitcoin Casino, will naturally depend on your own situation and what you're after.

bitcoin casino

What to Consider Before Deciding to Play at a Bitcoin Casino in Australia

With stacks of choices out there for having a crack at casino games using cryptocurrency, there's a fair bit to think about before you pick a specific Bitcoin casino. Here’s what you need to weigh up before deciding on a fair dinkum Bitcoin casino website.

Is a Bitcoin Casino fair dinkum?

Demonstrable honesty is an important feature to consider when choosing where to play crypto casino games. Fair means that the outcome of the game can be independently verified, thus ensuring fairness. The casinos cannot cheat, because all bets are made on the blockchain, which anyone can view at any time and find out the history of it. Honest bitcoin casinos offer a reliable and fair gambling experience. The core of blockchain technology is the use of cryptographic hashing algorithms to generate random numbers, which on their bNZDt dictate outcomes for online casino games such as jackpot slots and blackjack. The user can check whether these numbers are randomly generated. This means that the users do not have to resort to external verification services, since it is not possible to cheat the system without being discovered. The implications for fair gaming at casinos are significant - not only for users who want a reliable and fraud-free experience, but also for operators who naturally want to protect their business interests with complete transpazodiacy.

What Cryptocurrency payment methods can ya chuck us?

If you plan to fund your crypto account with Bitcoin, the payment options available should not be a problem. This is because virtually all good Bitcoin Casinos will have it as a payment method. Most casinos will allow you to deposit into the other well-known cryptocurrencies, the altcoins, for example Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. If you want to pay with one of the lesser known altcoins, for example TRON (TRX), Tether (USDT), Cardano (ADA) or Ripple (XRP), you may be limited in the options to deposit and thus also limited in using the number of crypto casinos where you can play.

Does the Bitcoin Casino have its licence sorted?

A license is a legal permission whereby both the traditional online casinos and Bitcoin Casinos are verified by an independent institute; usually the government of the area where the casino operates. Bitcoin Casinos licensed by a reputable regulatory organization will adhere to strict guidelines and codes of conduct that ensure a fair and secure environment in terms of online gaming. However, even the best Bitcoin Casino sites usually have a Curaçao license. Of course, this is better than no license at all, however, it is a weak option compared to the more respected licenses such as those issued by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. These licenses work with much higher standards.

Do they sport a fair dinkum range of pokies and other games from top-notch Aussie suppliers, or what?

The full range of casino games available to you is, of course, important for multiple reasons. The most prominent reason is that the game assortment can make or break your experience. The following actually always applies: the more casino games there are available, the greater the chance of finding your favorite game. The best Bitcoin Casinos have thousands of the most popular casino games to choose from, whether you like to play slots, live table games, card games, live dealer games or video poker. You should also take a good look at which software provider created the game, it is best to look for Bitcoin casino games from the best software providers such as Betsoft, Microgaming and Playtech. This actually guaZodiacees a high quality, innovative game with only the best graphics.

How's the customer service going, mate?

It is important for users to look not only at the quality of the games, but also at the quality of the customer service when deciding where to play. Idealistically, a Bitcoin Casino has several customer service options available to answer your questions and handle any issues you encounter, including email, social media, and live chat. The best online casinos offer 24/7 live chat. You can always test their customer service by asking a question to determine how quickly they eventually respond and whether the question has been answered to your satisfaction.

How's the online rep going?

A quick search on Google should provide enough information to give you a good idea of the reputation of a Bitcoin Casino. You will mainly find information about a casino on for example review sites, forums, and in discussion groups such as Reddit. It probably won't be long before you know if it's a site you can trust with your Bitcoin.

What are the terms and Fair Dinkum?

Bitcoin casino bonuses are a fun way to receive extra money when playing on an online gambling site. They are received in the form of Free spins, cashback and other rewards. When deciding which bonus to choose (some casinos also offer a welcome bonus), it is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for the online casino. There are many different types of bonuses that each have certain requirements to redeem them, such as wagering requirements or playthroughs. Wagering requirements are the amount of money that must be wagered on certain games before money can be withdrawn from your account. For example, if the welcome bonus is 1 BTC and the wagering requirement is 35x, then you would have to wager a total of 35 Bitcoin.
Basic strategy

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Online pokies, including both the traditional and Bitcoin kind, chuck out top-notch welcome bonuses to reel in new gamers and get 'em keen to have a crack at the games. Online Bitcoin pokies throw these bonuses around because it ain't a walk in the park getting folks to swing by their sites. With heaps of other online casinos going after the same crowd, it's a bit of a scramble. To keep the punters coming back for more, they also sling out extra bonuses and promos ongoingly, like loyalty points and cashback bonuses, for instance.

A typical welcome bonus bundle down under might chuck in a deposit bonus and some freebies on the pokies. With a matched deposit bonus, the Aussie Bitcoin Casino will match your dough with a set amount that can skyrocket to 200%. Free spins give ya the chance to snag a fixed number of free goes and use them on select games. For instance, a fair dinkum welcome bonus might be a first deposit bonus of 150% up to 2 BTC and 200 free spins. Plenty of Aussie Bitcoin casinos throw in extra deposit bonuses after the First Deposit Bonus.

How to kick off at a Bitcoin Casino, mate?

  • If ya haven't got your hands on some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that are all the rage in online crypto casinos, best sign up with a crypto exchange where you can snag the digital dosh you're after, mate.
  • If you've swapped your Aussie dollars for some Bitcoin, best you keep it secure in a wallet, mate. We'll yarn about the various ways to stash it later on in this piece.
  • Mate, when you're on the hunt for a Bitcoin Casino, make sure it's one with a ripper reputation and it's safe as houses. Key things to check are if the casino's got a legit license, if it's got solid SSL encryption to keep your details safe, if it's copped a bunch of good reviews online, and if it promises games that are fair dinkum.
  • Chuck your details in to start a punt at the Bitcoin Casino, mate.
  • Chuck your Bitcoins into your account and snag all the deposit bonuses you've copped.
  • Have a squiz at our spread of games to pick out the crypto ones you're keen on playing with your top picks.
  • Cash out your winnings once you've had a fair go, mate.

How to chuck in and pull out dosh at Bitcoin Casinos, mate

Chuckin' your cash in or yankin' it out at a Bitcoin Casino is fair dinkum quick and straightforward, mate.

  • Once you've cracked open your Bitcoin casino account, you'll stumble across the cashier section, fair dinkum.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you're keen on using for your deposit and how much you're planning to sling over.
  • You'll snag yourself a one-of-a-kind address that you chuck right into your wallet, mate.
  • Chuck in how much ya wanna drop in and give it the green light, mate.
  • You oughta spot the deposit in your Bitcoin Casino account in a few minutes, mate.

Cashing out your winnings is even more of a piece of cake.

  • Head over to the cashier area of the pokies site and chuck in a request to pull out some dosh. Then, chuck in the amount you're keen to withdraw.
  • Chuck the casino your new Bitcoin wallet address, mate, and make sure they've got it down pat. Before you know it, you'll see the Bitcoin rock up in your wallet.
Benefits of Bitcoin Gambling-Infographic

The perks of punting with Bitcoin in the Land Down Under

Bitcoin punting is dead-set simple, heaps fun, and safe as houses. Fair dinkum, compared to the old-school online punting sites, cryptos sling ya the lowest transaction fees going around. A fair few punters are getting into Bitcoin punting 'cause it's easier than the traditional online casinos that run on credit or debit cards. Plus, your identity stays under wraps, seeing as you don't have to spill your personal details when chucking a bet down in this format. You can also use Bitcoins from anywhere on the globe, no worries, no matter where you're holed up.

Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Casinos allow faster transactions than other forms of sending money, because there is no need for an intermediary in this process. Bitcoin transactions don't actually take much precious time, but it can take a few minutes before they are confirmed by Bitcoin miners who add them to the blockchain. Once confirmed, it only takes a few seconds for payments to be processed and visible in your bitcoin wallet. The speed of transactions can vary and can slow down as volumes increase. Other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum work even faster in terms of transactions than Bitcoin, but they are less secure compared to the first cryptocurrency.


The main advantage of using Bitcoin is its anonymity. You can bet without fear of being followed or monitored by authorities such as governments, because no data is kept of transactions with virtual currencies as is the case with credit cards or PayPal accounts. Bitcoin is not 100% anonymous, but it does offer more privacy than traditional forms of payment. The way Bitcoin works makes it immediately possible to know who owns a particular Bitcoin, unless he or she voluntarily discloses his or her address. The transaction can only be traced through the public record of all transactions, which can be tracked on the blockchain.


When you use your Bitcoin in an online casino, it is one of the safest payment methods for gambling. This is because there are no third parties involved and the transactions are peer-to-peer. This means that the casino will never have access to your credit card or bank account number. Bitcoin users have complete control over their assets, and the blockchain makes it nearly impossible for hackers or malware to steal Bitcoins from people by making purchases without permission. All Bitcoin transactions are locked and cannot be changed. Bitcoin has never been hacked, and the blockchain has a good track record of security.

Low cost

Bitcoin charges low transaction fees, especially since there are no middlemen who iron out part of the action, so to speak. By removing the middleman, Bitcoin can be transferred directly from one person to another without charging high transaction fees like most traditional banking systems. At Bitcoin casinos, there are never any additional costs associated with making payments in Bitcoin, unlike credit cards. There are often hidden costs and higher interest rates associated with their use.

The downsides of punting with Bitcoin, mate.

The downsides of Bitcoin Casinos mainly boil down to the lack of oversight, the wild swings in the value of Bitcoin itself (this can seriously flip your winnings upside down after snagging a big win) and the technical headaches that come with handling this newfangled currency.


There is a famous Bitcoin joke that perfectly sums up the volatility of Bitcoin. A boy asked his father for 1 Bitcoin on his birthday. Father: What? $ 15.096,- . You know, $ 14,211 is a lot of money! What do you need $ 16,150 for? The value of the currency fluctuates due to market forces; in some cases, this volatility can be extremely extreme. The price of one Bitcoin can rise or fall by as much as 30% in one day. A tweet from a well-known person with a large reach, such as Elon Musk, can affect how it performs, depending on whether he made a positive or negative statement about the cryptocurrency. This volatility can make using your cryptocurrency in a Bitcoin casino riskier. For example, you might stop by the Bitcoin Casino after a night out, happy that you've made giant profits, but then wake up to see that the BTC you've won is worth 30% less in the morning. The reverse can of course also happen, the price can also always rise. Essentially, you are adding another and additional element of risk to online casino gambling through the use of cryptocurrency.


The fact that the Bitcoin is decentralized is why it is so attractive to many people. However, it is also one of the biggest disadvantages of this form of sports betting and gambling. It is not regulated by any central authority, so users have no way to get their money back if they suspect that a Bitcoin gambling site is operating under false terms. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once they are sent. There is no way to get a Bitcoin back. This means that you have to make sure that every transaction is intentional before sending it out, otherwise you could end up losing a lot of money.

Technically challenging

Bitcoin can be a challenge for some users. The technology can be complicated for people who are not tech savvy, as it is sometimes difficult to understand and use at first. The world of Bictoin is full of new concepts that may seem very difficult for many users. Understanding Bitcoin wallets, working with public and private keys, blockchain technology: all this ‘trade language’ can confuse or scare beginners. For many online gamblers, sticking to the safe and tested payment methods makes for a less stressful and easier experience of the Bitcoin Casino.
online casino games

The top games to have a crack at in a Bitcoin Online Casino, mate.

You've got heaps of options when having a punt at Bitcoin Casino sites down under, with thousands of crypto games ready to go, including live dealer games, pokie machines, poker games, two-up and loads more. Here are a few of the top-notch casino games explained:

Bitcoin Blackjack

If you're on the hunt for one of the top live table games to have a crack at in a Bitcoin Casino, Blackjack is going to be your number one pick, no worries. Black jack When you're having a punt at Bitcoin betting sites, you'll find yourself winning a fair bit more because it's got the best odds of winning out of all the online casino games in Oz. Plus, it's the perfect mix of good luck and a bit of skill. It's a breeze to pick up, but with the "perfect strategy", you can really up your odds.

The rules are fair dinkum simple. The player chucks their bet down before copping a couple of face-up cards from the dealer, who then dishes out a single face-up card to himself. The player's gotta make a choice - either to snag more cards (by grabbing another card) or to stay put (by not taking any more cards). The aim of blackjack is to outdo the dealer by getting as near as to 21 as you can without busting over that number.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette is one of the top online pokies games where Aussie punters can chuck their cryptocurrencies against the House. Bitcoin Roulette gives players the chance to get stuck into quick action, while also having a crack at winning big. Naturally, this can also be done in a online live casino with real dinkum dealers .

Roulette's a fair dinkum entertaining game where punters have a punt on which number's gonna land next on a spinning roulette wheel. It's all about the luck of the draw, so it's dead easy to get started. Just hit the play button and pick your wager. You've got two types of wagers in roulette: outside bets or inside bets. The outside bet's your higher chance but lower pay-out option, while the inside bet's a bit of a long shot with higher pay-outs.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker games are a fair dinkum choice for heaps of Bitcoin Casino enthusiasts keen on getting into a game of cards from the comfort of their own home. There's a stack of different game providers offering all sorts, including Texas Hold'em Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker, and Five Card Draw Poker. Using Bitcoin as their currency lets punters buy in anonymously from anywhere around the globe. If you're in the market for live casino action, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better than poker!

Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin pokie games, also known as Bitcoin slots, pokie machines, or simply pokies, are all about luck. To kick things off with pokie games, you simply need some crypto or Bitcoin and a betting site you fancy. There's a wide variety of pokies to pick from, guaranteeing you'll find something that tickles your fancy. Plenty of Bitcoin pokies boast top-notch graphics and sound effects. Some draw inspiration from hit movies or TV shows, while others are themed around favourites like ancient Egypt or horror.

There are also pokie machines with bonus rounds where punters can bag some extra dosh by nailing certain tasks. These games offer a fair whack more interaction than other casino games, 'cause there's often mini-games and puzzles right inside the game itself.

Bitcoin Casino

Live dealer casino Games Bear similarities to your regular online pokie games, except that a true blue human dealer is there shuffling and dealing the cards or giving the roulette wheel a good spin, instead of some computer algorithm like you'd often run into at online casinos. The live dealers crank up the interactivity, letting players cop a squiz of the action right before their eyes. Live dealer games give players a chance to enjoy a bash in a live casino atmosphere and feel a whole lot more connected to the game, fair dinkum.

The dealers are there to give you a hand with any queries you might have and, often enough, chuck in a bit of entertainment too. Live casino games bring a buzz and a level of yarn with mates that only the actual casinos we've knocked about in before can equal. Games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, not to forget poker, are the top picks at live Bitcoin Casinos. The finest Bitcoin Casinos down under offer a live chat feature that lets you have a chinwag with other punters.

Unlike a typical pokies joint, using a Bitcoin Casino makes it a breeze to pull out your winnings in no time flat.

Betting on sports

Betting This is a type of online punting where you try to pick the outcome of sports matches. The chances for each possible result are worked out by bookies and they can change depending on the game. Placing a punt could be as easy as backing a winner or loser in a team clash, or even putting your money on the total points or goals scored in the game. Aussie bookies let you have a flutter on a wide range of matches, so you're covered whether you're into AFL, cricket, or the tennis opens.

Lots of bookies down under are now happy to take Bitcoin deposits, too. Fancy putting some Bitcoin on your top footy squad? You've got a fair dinkum selection of crypto sports betting sites to have a punt on.

The Most Popular Coins to Use at Crypto Casinos- Down Under Edition-Infographic

The most popular coins to use in Aussie crypto casinos

In the online pokie scene down under, there are heaps of coins punters can use to spin the reels and have a crack at other crypto casino games online. Bitcoin is by far the top dog coin for crypto betting. It's a ripper because of its low transaction fees and it's a piece of cake to buy or sell Bitcoin with cash on an exchange like CoinSpot.

Ethereum is another fair dinkum cryptocurrency, as it's cheaper than Bitcoin and more scalable, meaning the transactions can be processed quicker than a kangaroo on the hop. Litecoin is also a solid choice cause of its bloody low transaction fees.

The altcoin market is always on the move down under, with new cryptos popping up left, right, and centre, while others might be having a bit of a breather. The five we've chucked below have been solid performers and you'll spot these coins at heaps of online casinos across the Aussie landscape.


Bitcoin is the top dog among cryptocurrencies in any Aussie online crypto casino. It's a tough ask to stumble upon an online crypto casino down under that doesn't welcome Bitcoin with open arms. Created by someone or some folks going by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin popped up on the scene as open-source software back in 2009. Unlike the regular bucks which are backed by the government, Bitcoin isn't tied to any central mob or organisation. Instead, Bitcoin banks on a mate-to-mate network to sort out transactions and whip up new Bitcoins.

It's also dubbed “digital gold”, and while heaps of folks see it as a snag for investment or trading, some choose to use it to have a crack and win real cash playing games at crypto casino sites.


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash popped up in August 2017 after a fair dinkum division of the original Bitcoin protocol. It came about because of a bit of a barney within the Bitcoin mob about the best way to beef up Bitcoin. At first, they were calling it Bitcoin ABC; they ended up switching the name to Bitcoin Cash later on.

Bitcoin Cash has a fair dinkum amount in common with Bitcoin Core (BTC), but what sets it apart is its focus on bigger block sizes and quicker transactions. Still as fair dinkum decentralised as they come, mate, it's not under the thumb of any mob, but rather, it's the users who call the shots. This means no single bloke or group can have a stranglehold on this coin, fair shake of the sauce bottle.

Bitcoin Cash hasn't snagged the massive widespread adoption that Bitcoin's seen, but you'll spot it at heaps of Bitcoin betting joints and top-notch casino sites down under. Punters are all over it for its low fees and quick as a flash transaction times.



Ethereum is a platform that operates on blockchain tech. It's given us the chance to whip up smart contracts and decentralised applications (DApps). Designed by Vitalik Buterin and launched in July 2015, Ethereum has shot up to be the second most popular cryptocurrency, sitting right behind Bitcoin, over the years.

The popularity of this relatively new type of digital currency is down to its role as an all-purpose blockchain solution for any programmable agreement or contract. It's not just limited to financial transactions like Bitcoin is, fair dinkum.

The Ether (ETH) coin is the top sheila for transactions on the Ethereum network, right? Being the second most popular digital dosh after Bitcoin, it's a piece of cake to buy, trade, and chuck a punt with at Crypto casinos down under. Thanks to the blockchain tech it's built on, it's as secure as a lockup and makes for speedy transactions, especially when you stack it against the go-slow of Bitcoin.



Litecoin is a mate-to-mate digital currency whipped up in 2011 by former Google tech wiz Charlie Lee. You could say Litecoin's the silver to the Bitcoin's gold, fair dinkum. They've named it Litecoin 'cause it's got this clever algorithm that makes mining quicker and more top-notch than Bitcoin. The idea is for Litecoin to churn out four times more coins than Bitcoin, with a total of 84 million coins up for grabs in the dig.

Litecoins are one of the most tossed-around coins in a Bitcoin Casino down under because of their speedy transactions and fair dinkum cost.



Dogecoin (DOGE) popped up in December 2013, thanks to Billy Markus and Captain Jackon Palmer, a couple of Aussies who thought they were just having a laugh. Little did they reckon it'd become a fair dinkum hit. It's taken off something chronic, all thanks to those Doge memes we all know. Plus, it's not just for laughs; it's got its serious side in the crypto game too.

One of the key differences between Dogecoin and Bitcoin, mate, is that it's got billions of coins floating around without any limit. With its cheap as chips transaction fees, quick as a flash transactions, and other fair dinkum features, it's managed to stick around longer than heaps of other altcoins that have carked it over the years.

Dogecoin's shot up to be a top pick for a flutter online - you'll spot it at heaps of casinos. With its cheap as chips price, quick transactions, and ripper memes, it's ace for crypto punting.

bitcoin security

Stay smart and secure with digital dosh, mate

No matter which bitcoin casino or crypto casino sites you're checking out, the world of cryptocurrency can be a bit of a head-scratcher to get your head around. But, get the basics down pat, like where to snag and stash your Bitcoin safely, and you're all set to dive into this ripper of a new currency. You'll find that the more you give it a burl and up your know-how, the more you'll suss out in the end.

The Blockchain

The blockchain is a distributed tech (kinda like a massive "ledger book") that offers a way to create and share records of ownership and transactions. Blockchain technology can be used for anything where there's a need for verification or validation without depending on trust between specific parties. No user can change their data on the blockchain without having access to a computer on the network, making it proper secure.

A block’s made up of three bits: the data inside, a timestamp, and the hash (or what you might call the code) of the block before it. What you find in each block could be a bunch of different things, could be transactions or contracts. Once the computers hooked up to the network give the thumbs up on a transaction, it gets slotted into the next free spot on this chain, keeping things going in a straight line right back to the first ever block, known as the genesis block. This setup means if you try to fiddle with one record, you’d have to mess with every other record too, and that’s not something you can do without someone noticing.

The blockchain, initially crafted for Bitcoin, has far broader applications than just digital dosh, mate. We're talking about snagging votes, safeguarding medical records, defending copyright cobbers, keeping tabs on property rights, and heaps more. All these ripper examples are built on this tech, making them fair dinkum descendants. This groundbreaking technology is revolutionising how we handle the daily grind down under, with peer-to-peer networking and smarter contracts becoming the norm. Fair shake of the sauce bottle, it's changing the game for good.

Where can ya snag or flog some Bitcoin?

The most sought-after ways to snag some Bitcoin down under are on platforms like Coinspot, Independent Reserve, Swyftx, and CoinJar. These platforms let you swap your Aussie dollars for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Mates have access to a variety of payment options like bank transfers, credit card bashes, and PIN payments. These websites also chuck in a bit more security by rocking two-factor authentication (2FA).

Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchanges in the game, known for its fair dinkum ease of use and solid security., firing away since 2013, is another ripper choice, delivering a top-notch trading platform for folks keen on more than your average crypto deals and looking for a deeper dive into trading.

Private and public key

The moment you kick off with Bitcoin down under, you snag yourself a private key and a public key right off the bat. The private key's your ticket to spending Bitcoin from your very own address, while the public key's more about spotting where the Bitcoins rocked up from. Think of the public key as your bank account number that you pass around to mates so they can flick you some Bitcoin. Now, the private key, that's the secret sauce. It's like your password - only you're in on it, and it lets you splash your account's coins around. Plus, it's a solid guard against any dodgy moves. If a bloke sends Bitcoin your way, they're not getting it back unless they've got your special number on hand.

Your Bitcoin private key is one of the most crucial things you gotta look after, mate. It's pretty much like the PIN for your bank account back at the Commonwealth Bank. If you lose your traditional wallet, no worries, you can just get a new card. But with cryptocurrency, if you lose your Bitcoin private key, she's gone, and there's no getting it back. Before you find yourself up the creek, take some steps to avoid this drama. For starters, always make sure you've got your wallet's recovery phrase backed up and stashed away safely, maybe on an encrypted USB stick, alright?

Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital billabong used to stash, flick, and catch cryptocurrencies across the bush. You've got two types of Bitcoin wallets down under: hot wallets and cold storage. Hot wallets are the go when you're hooked up to the internet, whilst cold storage needs a bit of hardware or a paper wallet to run off the grid.

Hot Wallets

A hot wallet's this dinky-di digital dosh pouch that keeps your private key on a gizmo hooked up to the internet, right? The word hot's all about how these wallets are often online, not tucked away offline, making it a breeze to get your hands on your digital bucks.

Hot wallets often come kitted out with features like two-factor authentication, chucking in that extra layer of security against hackers. Since hot wallets are hooked up to the internet, they're fair dinkum for your daily spending. But when you're talking about stashing your dosh for the long run, it's a different story since they could get nicked by hackers.

Cold Storage

One of the top picks for cold storage down under are these things called hardware wallets. They're pretty much like your typical USB stick but with a smart chip tucked inside. They're considered heaps safer than your average wallets (think hot wallets), since they add an extra shield by keeping private keys offline. Hardware wallets are built tough to resist computer bugs that go after software wallets, making sure your stash stays safe, even if your computer carks it from malware or spyware. The Aussie market's chockers with different kinds of hardware wallets from outfits like Trezor and Ledger Nano S, which have been put through the wringer by third-party labs and independent cybersecurity buffs to make sure these little beauties are as secure as a bank vault.

The other kind of cold storage is a paper wallet, hey. Paper wallets are fair dinkum by scribbling down your public and private keys on a piece of paper. A lot of Aussies reckon paper wallets are the go, since they're secure and handy, not to mention easy on the wallet. You can whip up paper wallets on a bunch of websites online, and you don't need to be some kind of tech genius to use 'em right. The biggest worry, though, is that your paper wallet might cop it from physical troubles like a bushfire, getting drenched, and that sort of thing.

So, the top priority is to stash a bit of cryptocurrency for daily use, like having a punt online with crypto and for convenient access. For the rest of your digital coin stash, it's a good idea to keep it safe offline on a device like The Ledger Nano S, mate.

A quick yarn about crypto casinos, mate

We oughta kick off from the get-go, when in 2009 Bitcoin rocked up to the scene, brought in by the mysterious drongo or bunch of drongos going by Satoshi Nakamoto. The first ever Bitcoin was dug up on January 3, 2009. A fair dinkum historic day, that was.

The first Bitcoin poker site was, kicked off in 2011 by a mob called SealsWithClubs. The site's founder, Bryan Micon, was keen on crafting an online poker platform where users could call the shots themselves. He aimed to leverage the magic of cryptography and peer-to-peer networking to provide “a fair dinkum game for folks with similar interests.” The site wasn’t around for long, but it turned out to be a solid inspiration for every Bitcoin poker site and Bitcoin casino that’s now having a fair go in the online scene.

A year down the track, in 2012, Satoshi Dice popped up, all thanks to Erik Voorhees. This website went down in history as the first Bitcoin business to be snagged up for an eye-watering 126,315 BTC. Back then, that was around 11 million Aussie dollars, and we're talking 2013. Satoshi Dice is still kicking around and is known as a fair dinkum and dependable Bitcoin dice game.

The first Bitcoin casino to cop a licence was, gettin' the thumbs up in 2014 from the Curaçao Gambling Licensing Authority. Since then, heaps more Bitcoin casinos have jumped in, and plenty of the big online casinos down under have begun taking Bitcoin along with the usual ways to splash your cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Casinos Down Under

Is it safe to have a flutter with Bitcoin, mate?

The response to this ain't a straight up yes or no, mate. Yeah, she'll be right playing at bitcoin casinos down under, but chucking your dosh into cryptocurrency's got its fair share of risks. Bitcoin's a bit of a safer bet for payment than some of the other options out there, reckon it's 'cause it's encrypted and keeps you under the radar, totally anonymous.

However, if you misplace your private key, you won't be able to access your bitcoins anymore, and they'll be gone for good. Also, it's worth noting that Bitcoin transactions don't offer the same sort of purchase protection you get with a Mastercard or Visa. If a snag hits your transaction, don't expect to get any help sorting it out.

Is it fair dinkum to have a punt on Bitcoin casino websites, mate?

Having a punt at Bitcoin casinos is fair dinkum in heaps of countries. But, you'll find some places down under that reckon it's not on and it's straight-up illegal. A few spots have even cracked down hard, going after punters. The top Bitcoin casinos are good about spelling out in the fine print which Aussie states have the red light. They also chuck in GEO blocking, so you can't even get a squiz at the Bitcoin casino site if it's not meant to be.

What pokies and other games can I have a crack at in Aussie Bitcoin Casinos?

There are loads of casino games you can get around to playing on a BTC casino site, mate. The most commonly offered games are poker, roulette, pokies, and blackjack. You can find a fair dinkum range of games like baccarat and craps if you have a proper squiz for them. Some punters prefer video poker, while others are mad for online pokies 'cause they payout fast without having to go to too much hard yakka. Whatever casino games you're into, there's heaps of choice on Bitcoin Casinos, no worries.

Can I use a different method for payment and get me winnings in Bitcoin, mate?

Nah, it doesn't work that way, mate. If you have a punt at a Bitcoin Casino, reckon one in Sydney or Brisbane, that takes both Aussie dollars and Bitcoin for a toss of the coin, and you decide to splash your cash with, say, a credit card to top up your account, it's a bit of a bummer, but you can't get your winnings back in Bitcoin.

Where can I snag some Bitcoin and other cryptos, mate?

The go-to spot for snagging some Bitcoin down under is Coinbase, a bloody easy-to-use crypto exchange, mate. Other fair dinkum choices include Binance, Bitvavo and, say, Coinmama. Once you've signed up on an exchange, you'll be trading your Aussie dollars for Bitcoin in no time flat.

How's Bitcoin fair dinkum against other ways to pay up?

There are heaps of perks to crackin' into this payment method, like it being secure and you can keep yourself under wraps, plus it’s quick as compared to the old-school ways. On top of that, you save a buck or two on transaction fees. But it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, seeing as the prices of Bitcoin can go all over the shop, and not having a central body to keep things in check means you’re pretty much stuffed if things hit the fan.

Does crypto count as actual dosh?

Yeah nah, for sure. Cryptos can be swapped for cash money.

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